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Color & Light

Our lamps stimulate different moods in your home allowing you to accent your decor in whichever style you choose. Great for a wedding gift or a beautiful personalized gift.

Salt Crystal Lamps
Their sensuous glow brings well-being and positive air quality to your home.

Rose Quartz Lamps
are used to bring love and care in your milieu. They give a fine pink glow.

Quartz/Selenite Lamps
are elegant. They help you to concentrate and keep the mind crystal clear.

Illusion Lights
A lovely addition to any room. Change the fuel color according to your mood and room style.


Laser Lamps
Handcrafted Oil Lamps in different shapes. Color changes according to the fuel used.

Pure Paraffin Fuel
is the purest lamp fuel available. Extremely safe to use, odorless and smokeless.


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