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Equilibrium 027 25ml
$58.50 $42.50
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Top: Red
Lower: Green
Shakes Together As: Red
Chakra: Root & Heart
Tarot Card: Ten of Wands
I Ching Sign: # 27, "The Corners of the Mouth" Mountain above, Thunder below

Main Theme: Assertiveness and enthusiasm for life.

Dominant Characteristics: A successful person who works hard, who can concentrate well, who has great stamina, and is decisive. Is assertive and self-reliant. Has an infectious enthusiasm for life. Someone with courage and heart, who dares to push forward into the unknown. Is very centered and truthful and has a good feeling for harmony.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Life is considered very difficult. This person is not in harmony with the self and does not allow to feel what is happening. May feel "bogged down".

Spiritual Level: Helps and brings transformation. Clears stuck situations on the spiritual level. Encourages the user to follow one`s path more effectively and gives space for the soul to unfold. Awakens the individual to spiritual discipline and can inspire to give this area more importance.

Mental Level: Provides for more self-confidence and assertiveness, especially in relationships.

Emotional Level: Aids in overcoming hurt(s) and anger after a separation or divorce. Enables the individual to cope with the feeling of being spied upon and of being deceived. Has possibly much anger but does not acknowledge that.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.

Affirmation: I see the light through the trees

Distinctive Qualities: None.

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